Thalamus 1990 / Commodore 64

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You ever wondered what it's like to be a dingle leg hopping with a ball among mushrooms? Don't answer that.

Heatseeker a 1990s adventure platformer published by Thalamus. If you havent figues it out you play as a leg with a ball. The ball absorbs heat or something, that's why its called Heatseeker.

Still with me?

You ever find a game and go "oh yeah I HAVE to talk about this one"

If I may copy the Mobygames page:

On the planet Tantris are the Triphylios of Nem plants, which help keep the populous alive and the vast forests pure. But the increasing amount of industry has resulted in high levels of pollution, damaging the plants and killing off the forests. (...) The ball can be thrown to collect heat which must be stored in the Leg so that it can be given to the three Triphylios plants. If it has stored enough energy, the plants open petals to block the acid rain.

We have a nother enviromentalist game, my dudes!
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My fist impression was this game was shockingly similar in gameplay to another C64 game called Arac (later rereleased as Spiderbot). Upon research discovered both games were programmed by the same guy, Paul O'Malley, making Heatseeker a spiritual sucsessor.

I can only assume that Spiderbot, a game where you have to collect animals to stop a reactor from exploding, is a potential...sequel?... to Heatseeker. We could not stop the acid rain.

Heatseeker is shockingly beautiful for a Commodore 64 game. I'm used to the platform being flatter and less detailed (so the older games)

I inevitably got stuck within minutes but the spritework was very plesent. I had a good time exploring the miniture world.

Also it has frogs.

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