Yuri Recs

Fuck yeah girls. Some of these may be skeevy, we must make do with what we have.
...please just deal with any "b-but we're girls!!!" shit...

2021 note: I've been slacking on updating the page and I don't remember half the content except my rating. Some series might be "weird"


Hiyori Otsu

The Tachibana family has four sisters, each of whom have had at least one relationship that involves falling for another woman, or having one fall for them.

Void Notes: Often sad and unrequited.

Knife Edge Girl

Kikka Furutsuji

Four Stories

1. Knife Edge Girl
2. Graffiti
3. Tourteau Fromage
4. No Title

Void Notes: This was actually my first full GL manga (anthology, w/e). I had read one shots here and there but not a full volume. Now I'm hooked lol.

Shiroi Heya no Futari

Ryouko Yamagishi

Resine, a rich girl whose parents died in an accident, leaves her selfish relatives in order to attend the boarding school that her mother went to. Once there, she meets her roommate Simone, a blunt, rude troublemaker and the kind of girl Resine would rather do without knowing. However, she finds herself strangely drawn to Simone nonetheless, and the turns their relationship takes could be dangerous for them both.

Void Notes: The FIRST GL manga and a heart breaking drama from a member of the Year 24 Group. From the 70s so keep that in mind.

Yuki and the Authouress

Yuu Nagori

Young cafe worker Yuki dreams of romance and a life far more wonderful than her own, but has no way to do anything but hope for the future. But a chance encounter with the beautiful, mysterious authoress Beniko Azuma, a woman who seems to know love like the back of her hand, might change the very way she looks at the world...

Void Notes: I don't have proper words other than "i'm gay" and "this is one of the best i've read in a while"

My Lesbian Experiance With Lonliness

Nagata Kabi

This is a compilation of a manga essay originally published on pixiv. It tells a personal story of the author, aspiring mangaka who had never had sex, or even allowed herself to think about sex outside of reading BL manga.

The author is a 28-year-old millennial who lives at home, a college dropout who's led a lonesome, unfulfilling life. She was on a path to self-destruction until she realized that she needed to live for herself and fill the voids in her heart.

One of those voids happens to be the loving embrace by a woman, i.e. her mother, so on the whim, she schedules a hotel date with a female sex worker. (NSFW)

Void Notes: An auto biography about a woman and her struggles with depression, loneliness, parental issues, and being gay. Heartbreaking and not GL in the traditional sense. I consider it a masterpiece.

Tsuki no Suppin

Akegata Yuu

A sweet and juicy love honey that a bumpy gay couple unfolds in a corner of the city.



Iwami Kiyoko

Kou Tarumizu transfers to the high school of her idol and 2 time photography contest winner, Uchiho Hayama, only to find that the photography club has been disbanded and Uchiho is in a photographic slump. To revive the club and get Uchiho out of her slump, Kou decides to enter a photography contest and chooses her classmates Nene and Amane as her subjects. But it turns out that the two of them used to be a couple...

Void Notes: Melodramatic as shit. Ends the best way it could have, honestly.


Kiriko Nananan

Kayako Kirishima and Masami Endo are about to discover that their recent friendship is turning into obsessive love. But when today’s hopes and yesterday’s dreams meet tomorrow’s problems, will they be able to continue? With clear outline and confused feelings, Kiriko Nananan demonstrates that it is possible to make a Blue manga from black and white.

Bousou Girls-teki Mousou Renaiteki Suteki Project

Rou Kawai

The story of a combined rivalry and friendship dating back to childhood between Beniko and Aoi. They only have one thing is common, and that is that they both love girls. Now they both attend an all-girls academy, and Aoi is more popular with the girls! Even worse, every girl Beniko has a crush on is interested in Aoi. The time for revenge is here!

Mizuiro Cinema

Hiyori Otsu

Aqua Blue Cinema is about an actress and a girl she meets through unusual circumstances.

Orange Yellow

Hiyori Otsu

We walk hand-in-hand in the yellow morning sunlight and in the orange sunset… What wonderful school days we spend together.

Lonely Wolf, Lonely Sheep

Fuuka Mizutani

Two women with the same name happens to meet each other when they're at the same hospital for the same injury. They want to become closer, but both must overcome their insecurities and self-loathing first.