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A bunch of strange projects. I only have neopets level HTML skills.

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10/12/19: Added /ect/topbanana.html aka THIS HOW WE DIE

10/12/19: New entry /ect/memories.html#essaytheft. Added horror game page (/ect/h_games.html) and /archive/WORLDS.COMLOCATIONS.txt.

10/09/19: Added /ect/freakyfettuccine.html. Updated /ect/g_stories.html.

10/05/19: Added /ect/memories.html, /ect/dolls/ (empty), /ect/lovenikki.html, and a seasonal secret page. Updated /about.html. Front page halloweenified.

08/30/19: Updated /ect/g_stories.html. Added /ect/shrines/sparkledogs.html, /music/j_archive.html, and /ect/zines/

07/25/19: Added Sims pages, I did something else but I dont remember. Properly rehosted buttos on links page.

06/23/19: Cleaned up and sorted /links.html, made a new shrine for the cell bae, updated /ect/ghosts.html.

06/17/19: Updated /archive.html (added key and a bae), linked /shrines/ and /ect/altar.html. Moved the weed shitpost. Dummied out the guest book link (for now)

06/14/19: Updated /ect/vapor.html to what's been sitting in notepad++ for months. Added FC to /dobutsu/

05/31/19: Look! Buttons! →→→→→→→

05/29/19: Moved dream journal to journal page. got an email. Minor kin page edit (/sk.html updated with proper link).

05/28/19: Made three 2bit potions here.

05/23/19: Secret page added (easy af to find), new kinpage

05/19/19: Added links to and unconsenting media to the horror movie rec page.

05/14/19: Things i did the other day: link kin page, add new flash game. Thing I did today: Un-borked the horror manga rec page, tried to unbork one poster on the horror movie page and borked the whole thing. fml. Fixed it!
update 2: changed 404 page because this site was originally something else and it felt out of place.

05/09/19: added quiz result page for fun, finished weird flash game page, added some kin pages, fake edited other pages to bump unfinished kin pages off of linking on my profile (or tried to, it didn't work.)

05/07/19: made some more shitty kin pages, not all linked, made a menhera page (empty), fixed music page, archived movie and manga recs from my tumblr.

05/06/19: added links page and added about me nope about page back up!

05/05/19: uploaded a pixel art in 四華 and added guestbook for the true 90s aesthetic.

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