My Stories

My first ghost encounter

My house is weird. Things go missing, especially screwdrivers, and screws get loosened all around the house with no discernible reason.

One day when I was young, I was home alone, sick, from school. My parents were out working and I was alone. It was about noon.

I was sitting on the couch watching tv when something started whispering my name. If i recall, it sounded like a woman, barely audible in a way that makes you question if you're hearing it. I of course ignored it.

Suddenly I heard it again, much louder, and I turn around and see a blue coloured face quickly dick around the corner out of site.

I immediately grabbed my things and locked myself in my parents room.

My sister's experience

My sister claims three stories.

One, when my youngest sister was a baby, she was getting her a bottle. She looked over to my dining room (the same room I saw the blue thing above) and there was a floating white V shape. She stared at it for a while, looked away, and when she looked back it was gone.

Two, I lied she was a teenager here. She, just for fun, did an EVP session in our basement. One of her friends apparently enhanced the audio, where you can here someone reply to her. Alas, I don't have the recording.

Three, When she was little, she was in her room. She says she looked up and saw a blue face peeking over her bed. She described it as "the lady from the grudge" making an :o face.

My Ouija Board Experience.

Being a rebellious little shit i decided to do a ouija board on Halloween. I got three names. Oli, Tim and one last name I can't remember. It was or was similar to "Ona"

Years later, I'm talking with my sister (the same one above) and we bring up ouija boards. She tells me she did one before with her friends. They also got a name. It was "Ona"

I didn't mention my own results to anyone before that.

With my sister (again)

We used to play at the park near my house a lot. One day we stayed out late, and it was getting dark. The streetlights were on, but we decided to stop by the road and talk for a while. We look over to the nearby school's parking lot and see something crouched down. It looked like a person, but it's head was too big a round. It looked like if you cut open a basket ball and wore it on your head. We panicked and ran home.

The time I may have seen Kunekune (plural)

I was at the park again, standing on a hill. I was looking over a nearby creek and into an ampty field by a building, maybe 100 metres away.

There were these two, maybe three, white things in the field. They looked like they were doing a weird synchronized dance. It was very hard for me to tell what they were because my vision whole looking at them was very grainy, like when you're trying to look at something in the dark but in broad daylight.

I watched them for a while, trying to see what the hell they were. Right about as I was going to just call them clothing on a line or a bag or something they disappeared. It wasn't like I blinked and they were gone, it didn't feel sudden. More like I was watching them and then I just couldn't seen them anymore, as thought I just lost site of them.

The Upstairs Bathroom

I had just some home from school and had been on my computer for a while. I had to go to the bathroom so I got up and walked down the hall to the bathroom and tried to open the door. The door wouldn't budge.

I tried to force my way in, thinking it was just stuck, but it felt like someone was pushing back on me. I thought it might have been one of my siblings in there, but right as (again) I was going to stop forcing and apologize, something growled from the bathroom.

This is the most cliche thing and I hate it; but it sounded like a cross between a dog, a human, and a moan from a zombie.

I immediately went to my mom, who says, quote "I knew something had happened(...)she sounded really scared."

My mom went and opened the bathroom door with out any issue. No one was in there.

I peed downstairs.

The Upstairs Bathroom: Creeper Ghost Edition

I was taking a shower and reached around the curtain for the shampoo. I felt something brush my hand which felt like someone's fingers. That same, specific, feeling of resistance. I tried to recreate it. I couldn't do it again with the shower curtain. All the bottles were too low.

I just... decided i didn't need to wash my hair.


There's a beach at my summer cottage. A few years back I was building sand castles and out of the corner of my eye I say my mom step on to some rocks and start to watch me. This was normal behavior, something she did all the time.

I ignored it and continued playing, her legs still in my vision. I looked up and said "Mom?" to ask her a question. No one was there, I was the only one at the water front.

The Front Bedroom

The closet in my cottage bedroom would consistently open by itself during the night. We'd make sure to close it, and without fail it ould be open, off the track, in the morning.

Even if we piled things in front of it.

The door would be open and the things unmoved.

The Time I Learned True Fear

This happened recently.

I was home alone and went into my parents room to look for something. When i turned around i made eye contact with a man, laying on his side on the shelf in my parents closet. His legs would have been going through the wall. I began to panic, trying to figure out how i was going to escape. The encounter lasted only seconds.

Then I realized it was a poster of Bobby Orr my dad owned.