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02/10/22: Fundraisers added to links page, playlists are back again.

01/16/22: New game page: /ect/games/fluid.html

11/09/21: New game pages: /ect/games/mindwalk.html, /ect/games/a-maz.html, /ect/games/heatseeker.html; Fixed images on /ect/games/topbanana.html; Moved game pages to own dirctory.

08/27/21: /ect/weeb.html updated with new content, outside links added to /ect/horror/

05/10/20: /ect/weeb.html updated.

05/09/20: /ect/ghosts.html → /ect/horror/, Now with iframes!

05/04/20: /ect/tmoag.html, /ect/asmr.html

01/13/20: Kin page now has a page for specific warnings. Cool beans.

12/28/19: I will succumb to nonexistance.

11/27/19: Cleaned up the menhera page, properly linked it... somewhere...

11/25/19: Home page now sufficiantly cold.

10/12/19: Added /ect/topbanana.html aka THIS HOW WE DIE

10/12/19: New entry /ect/memories.html#essaytheft. Added horror game page (/ect/h_games.html) and /archive/WORLDS.COMLOCATIONS.txt.

10/09/19: Added /ect/freakyfettuccine.html. Updated /ect/g_stories.html.

10/05/19: Added /ect/memories.html, /ect/dolls/ (empty), /ect/lovenikki.html, and a seasonal secret page. Updated /about.html. Front page halloweenified.

08/30/19: Updated /ect/g_stories.html. Added /ect/shrines/sparkledogs.html, /music/j_archive.html, and /ect/zines/

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