Opus Corp 1996 / PSX

Ocean garageband for the PS1 and the most vibing thing since Aquanaut's Holiday! Is it a game or a toy? Who knows, who cares!

Known as Depths in Japan; one of, apearantly many, music synthisising programs for the Playstation with a twist (perhaps). You play as a dolphin where you swim across a small looping section of sea, booping glowing rocks to be taken to a oceanscape, unlocking new samples for you to play with in the editor mode.

That's it.

It really is just nose boop rock and vibe, but that's what we're here for. The aesthetic is top notch much like Japan's other experimental games of the time.

The music synth part is more something to fuck around with than anything serious. Your tracks (I believe) play on the stages after you save them but the stages diferent unlocks don't all mesh together well. With the effort put into the stages and the miss match of samples you wonder which half of the game was the intentional one

But yeah, water. Water good.