Hypnagogic Games

Dream and dreamlike experiances curated for your enjoyment.

Yume Nikki An absolute classic. A warning: Mild horror and ending involves suicide. Steam
Yume Nikki Fangames There are several especially reccomend: Yume 2kki, .flow, lcddem, Farewell (rip), MoonLess*L, -1, Yume Nisshi, *MARSHMALLOW*, yuque, Me, Corallo. Honestly just play several. Wikia
Yume Nikki 3D Not to be confused with Dream Diary; A fan remake of Yume Nikki in 3d+ a little extra. itch.io
LSD: Dream Emulator A classic meme game/experiance by Osamu Sato. PSX
LSD Revamped A fan remake of the above. itch.io
Hypnagogia Similar to the above (original) itch.io
DREAMDISC Ditto itch.io
Vignettes Ditto. itch.io
Amusement Planet Phantasmagoria Macintosh / PC(?)
Laurie Anderson's Puppet Motel Multimedia CD-ROM by avant-garde artosts Laurie Anderson. Macintosh / PC
The Path Steam
STRAWBERRY CUBES itch.io (payed)
Neftelia nefteliaaaa... nefteiaaa....... Site (archive)
Worlds.com Virtual chatrooms made by the userbase. Started getting repopulated recently. I'd scan the download file just to be safe (it's probably fine), Don't be an asshole. Site
Active Worlds Ditto? A very passionate playerbase. Don't be an asshole. Site
Dream Aether itch.io
▲Nø♦C1iP▲ Sensory overload simulator! I couldn't play it for that long :( itch.io
Mindscape - James Bragg Explore what's in a guy's mind. Actually. Kinda comfy. itch.io
Middens Gamejolt
Argon Swamp Gamejolt
This World is Not My Home A meditation machine. itch.io