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Things i read recently that I want to say something about. 99% garbage. Not reccomendations. Also this isn't everything I've read just thing I have something to say about.

Covers may depict distressing imagry and I don't have the energy to figure out how to hover spoiler an img. May be added in the future but in the meantime this is your warning.

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Lily Lattice Shop

Criminally unread yuri anthology manhua about a resignment shop that opens on a street's "cursed corner" where all shops that open there are doomed to quickly closed. It's about memories that attach themselves to objects, in this case stories of young lesbian relationships.

Life is fleeting.

I admit to being mildly sketched out by the connecting narritive's main character forming a relationship with the presumably older shopmkeeper but, if i recall, nothing comes of it beyond maybe "yuri coded firendship". I don't know. You learn to deal with shit eventually.

Yakedo Shoujo

Popular acts-cute girl is actually indescribeably fucked up.

Honestly probably one of the most tasteless comics I've read but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

“Yeah, that endings gonna be so cool and meaning full and the audience is gonna be like ‘woooah holy shit’”

—the writer probably

The Last Menhealer

CW: Self Injury

I had high hopes for this one but in the end I got the most skungy and possibly insensitive "romance" I've ever read. I don't remember a lot about it except the story of a boy who meets a girl he thinks is cute. The girl in question has a self harm problem, so the boy makes the astonishing desision to pretend that the scar on his arm he got in an accident as a child was in fact a suicide attempt, which the girl believes and feels like there's finally someone who understands her. The boy then uses this false sense of community for sex.

I cannot emphasize the discomfort I felt reading this and I honest to god don't remember the ending but i know it went about as fucking well as you'd expect it to go.

What in the actual fuck.

Takopii's Original Sin

Extremely beautiful art extremely painful story. A parody of Doraemon where a cute octopus alien tries to cheer up a young girl. The alien is also so ungodly oblivious to everything going on in said girl's life. It's a trauma congaline.

Honestly could have used an extra volume I think, but at the same time it may have stretched the trauma a bit thin.

Just fucked up honestly. Made me cry a bit. Definately made it's rounds for a reason.

It's available in full on MangaPLUS as of May 2022 (at least in my reigon)

Helter Skelter

A fairly well known story and josei manga that was turned into a probably better known in the west movie maybe? The story of a woman who has so much plastic surgery that she literally starts falling apart both physically and mentally.

A lot of people I saw seemed to think that the Kyouko Okazaki wanted you to sympathized with the main character, Liliko, which with what the extent of her actions are is bizzare to say the least.

It's a pretty rough read, honestly, being about beauty standards especially within the modeling indistry and the resulting self destruction. There's probably a lot of metaphor that I inevitably missed.