Note: Day 1 is a rewrite of a standard starter.

Loryn (PC)

CW This is a horror rpg. It takes place in an all girls boarding school and contains themes of body horror, sickness, quarantine, missing peoples, military intervention, maybe typophobia and by association child death (though Loryn and her friends are 19).

Day 1

Cheshire's gone. I was told she was in the hospital wing but she isn't there. I have to find her, I'll break quarentine if I have to.

I can climb out my window tonight while everyone's asleep, theres an awning and a way down.

I need to find her... I hope she's safe...

Day 2


Already my chest hurts and i'm wheezing really badly. I feel like I'm gonna throw up. I think i'm having a panic attack I don't kn

It's been several hours. You arent going to believe this but, I coughed up a heart. My own is still beating in my chest, i can feel it, but I coughed up a heart.

It squirms like a dying animal. It makes me sick to look at.


I was found, but I was so sick i couldn't do anything about it. I'm back in the school, the teachers dragged me there.

I hear Sadee outside arguing with the teachers, it makes me happy she wants to see me but. I can't risk her too...


I over heard something I shouldn't have... the teachers were talking to... the military i think?... over radio. The whole island has already been reported as destroyed and inhabitable.

Our parents.

If they told them our parents think we're all dead.

I feel sick. What happens now? What do we do?

Day 3


I snuck outside again. There are so many flowers now, kinds i've never seen. Like roses in the shape of violets, strange hundered petal buds, colours that shouldn't be possible.

The air smells of lilies and copper.

I'm scared to touch them.


Sadee got sick. They're havily rationing food for the ill students so it's hard to get enough food for the two of us.

She tells me not to feed her, she's always been like that, I give her most of what I can scrounge up. I don't tell her she's be angry.

I can't lose her too... I can't loose her too...

[there are round stains on the page]



Not now.

An old scar has ripped open. literally. I'm growing flowers.

There's so many swollen tender areas on me i can barely lie down. I can feel the roots in my stomach, Removing them is excruciating.

Will this...


I'm in this state and I was still chosen to go on a cargo run. It's all happened so fast.


... It was a horrible time...

I was so happy to see another person, I walked to the boat myself...

He pulled a gun on me. A rifle.

He was scared of me.

I know how I look right now but...



I don't believe it.

On the way back I wandered off and found an abandoned shack. There was so many medical supplies in it and i found her chart and

there was blood leading around back and I found her. She was on the floor, she's alive. I don't know what to do, she wont speak and she's not resposive but she's alive, holy shit, Cheshires alive

Day 4