Island Map

How did I get here?

I was kidnapped by the bug ninja mafia and sent to their flower prison (the building) via bird transport!

Building Apearance


The yard is covered in trash, by the ocean, covered in roses however. It has a feel of brutalist beauty. There are guards manning the outside. They don't seem that intimidating/

Internal (Starting room)

The starting room and immediate hallway is packed full of books.

What compels me to go in the building?

I am literally not here (initially) by my own will. Guards seem apathetic though. There's a massive hole in the wall i can climb out of my cell from.


Room 1

This room is inhabited by a ferocious were-deer! Dude's worked here for about 3 years now. He's not fond of the bug mafia (they bite him) but the job pays very good so...
The room feels like a sunny day. It's sunset. The walls are fake foliage painted to look like the depth of a natural forest. The light in the ceiling cascades like the sun through a canopy. How did they do this?
The mood is very laid back. This room was made specifically for the were-deer. He's a very chill dude it seems.
Officially this room is the "go ape shit room" according to the were-deer. The bug mafia has predisposed ideas about were-creatures it would seem. The were-deer is very happy about it's inclusion though, office conflicts have gone down significantly in general with a place to let it all out. He thinks maybe he should have been a psychologist seeing as he's in here all day.

Room 2

In this room is a feral pack beast clawing at the walls. It doesn't respond to you but...
The walls are covered in bloody roses. Many of the flowers have been shredded and lay on the cobble floor. The trellises destroyed, the metal bench covered in petals and bite marks.
The pack beast is always watching you. Just watching. It's more wary of your than you are of it. It doesn't make you feel any better having such a creature eyeing you. Everyone here is anxious.
You point at the door making eye contact with the beast. It sheepishly walks towards you. It wants to leave with you? Did you just make a friend?

Room 3

This room was lost when the word processor crashed. It was a movie room
It had silent era movies and 2018 movies on 8mm.

Pack beasts favourite movie confirmed

Yes, I rolled

Pack beast is officially named "Trapple Tooth"

Room 4

Thousands of birds and thousands of trees. Its a cocophony of bird noises. Trapple Tooth chooses to wait outside.
The room is an expansive apple orchard by the sea. You can smell the water a salt. There are no seagulls for some reason... how peculiar...
You're forced to think about the feeling of apple skin between your teeth and that itchy feeling they give your mouth (...might be allergic). But if you ate the whole orchard your teeth would be absolutly diinely clean. You still decide against it.
It's the apple room!

Room 5

This is the bug mafia's breakroom. You aren't supposed to be out of your cell better stealth.
Somehow more trees than the apple orchard. All the bug mafia members have their own tree. Theyre doing bug mafia things.
I hate it here.
Purpose is resting after plotting their evil deeds! I wonder what kind of organized crime bugs do.

Room 6

Oh god... more bugs. These dudes seem much more laid back than the ones in the break room.
It's a large open glass room, open to the sky. The moon and stars are high giving you a hold on the time. The air feels nearly magical.
Beyond you, the bugs, and Trapple Tooth you can sense several other animals basking in the moonlight. Trapple rears his head back and howls. You knew he was canid but it would seem he's a wolf.
Deminately a place to recharge. The moonlight is invigorating.

Room 7

The sound of singing birds hit you ears.
There's a massive hole in the wall leading to the outside. A massive tooth is viewable fromm where you stand. You're on the outskirts of the Tooth Forest. How you know this you will never know.
You aren't complaining but, you can't shake the feeling that someone should REALLY repair this place. This is the second hole you've come across. Then again you don't know why you're here.
I guess it's time to escape...?


You decide to pay the were-deer a visit before you leave. (Icons in no order)
The moon in the were-deer's room is out now too.
He smiles when he sees you but looks almost horrified when Trapple follows behind you. You realize... wolf...deer... oh dear. He calms down noteably when Trapple lays his head on your lap as you sit down, though still noticably confused. Trapple had a name for himself it seems.
After talking for a while you mention the hole. Were-deer's deer ears pick up at that. "They still haven't fixed that?" You tell him yeah, and you're probabaly gonna fuck off now but you wanted to see him. He ponders a moment.

"You know what..."

"...the Tooth Forest is lovely this time of year." A new companion joins your party.
You ask for his name.

He says people call him "Bar Fight"
You ask how tall he is (He's huge)

Note: I guess Bar changes back when the sun comes up.

Room? 8

The forest is full of "trees". Trapple climbs one of the "trees" like it's a rock to servey the area.
Okay it's teeth. The trees are teeth. They're growing out of the red earth like grass. If this was a mouth then the owner needs a dentist. Bar Fight stretches his arms.
Other than the teeth, Bar was right... It's quite plesent...
Time to make a break for it.

"Room" 9

Aw fuck aw shit.
You grab Trapple and run through the Tooth Forest with Bar.
You feel the bug mafia's gazes on your back.
Trapple is a very good dog!

"Room" 10

Having lost the bug mafia (not that they really cared that much) Bar lets you know that there's a cafe over on the other side of the lake before you. You just kind of "uh huh" while watching a vulture pick something from one of the teeth trees.
Obviously there would be bone in a bone forest but you were NOT expecting the vultures picking at every dead animal scrap in every tooth. Small animal bones lay at the base of the "trees". Bar notices your discomfort and pats your head.
Vulture politics are absolutely CUT THROAT it seems. Trapple attacked on of the birds because it had grabbed a large rodent and he wanted it. The birds are noticably pissed but Trapple's bigger than them.
You feel closer to your companions.

"Room" 11

Bar stretches his arms. A normal deer prances through the trees. Bar waves.
After a while the three of you find some actual trees. a little bit of normalcy amongst the... this.
The regular forest is very farytail like. it feels like youre in a childrens fantasy movie, thought that might be you dog and deer froend. Its a pretty morbid kids movie considering Bar's appearance.
Its a perfect place to gather fruit! lets grab a snack!

Bar Fight

Lets explain Elfinthoroy.

Normally when someone here contracts -thorpy it gives you the traits of the X. How ever the thing about Bar:

He was already a deer.

The ~whatever~ to give him antlers and make him deer like couldnt go into that because they were already there. So instead he he becomes HUGE.
This leads to some very...unfortunte happenings around the face area.

Fortunately -thorpy gives you remarkable healing abilities, so Bar just has to literally put his face on every morning.

Why? Because it looks fucking sick thats why.

"Room" 12

A herd of wild horses run past your group.
Their red and bronze hides gleam in the moonlight. You stop to watch.
The moon creates a peaceful atmosphere. The metalic sheen of the animals soothes you. The clop of their hooves clears your mind.
One stops and looks ar you just a moent before rejoining the others. It feels like you've your mind's healed a little. As it trots away you notice the horn on it's head.

"Room" 13

You encounter a group of dog men and a single were-wolf (there's a difference.) The were wolf nods upwards at Bar who nods back. A shiba inu woman comes up to you in greeting.
You realize you're in the tooth forest again. At this point you don't care. The dog pack has set up camp here, hollowing out a couple of teeth and pitching tents. They say they chose the nomadic life because the towns were just to loud for their sensitive dog ears. Theres a village nearby so they aren't fully removed from civilization, though.
Everyone is super chill. Someone's making pancakes and offers some, which you accept graciously. The shiba girl grabs a basket and gives you some blueberries. Canines LOVE blueberries. You throw some to Trapple.
This small splinter off a nearby village, providing for each other. The werewolf and Bar works together to create an updated map. You're given some bread berries and sent on your way. You can't promise you'll come back to visit but you hope you can.

"Room" 14

A group of masked men scamble about in the dark.
You're still in the tooth forest what could they want here.
The men work together in the dead of night, uprooting small "trees" and breaking down the bigger ones.
"Calcuim Mines"
The porpose if to illicitely collect calcium from this carefully curated area. You caught them during the harvest.

"Room" 15

You're alone with your companions again.
The area right outside the village is...not the best... At this tome trash lays next to the road waiting to be picked up in the morning. The cobble stone road is in shambles.
"Damn this place needs some cleaning up." Bar says
You continue into town.
You hear the sound of water in the distance.
"No, lake."

The sound of water soothes your mind.
An elk walks among the piles of discarded food, picking a piece of meat from the pile.

"Room" 16

You enter the town of

"Florapple", a small village specializing in carpentry.

As you enter the village
The sun begins to rise above the horizon.
Bar swears under his breath and asks you for a moment. When you turn around he's carefully holding scraps of flesh to his, now much smaller, face. The seams created almost heal before your eyes.
It should be noted that he's still absolutely huge.

"Room" 17

We're gonna throw out the rule book and go more freeform from now on. I already busted the game, so...
Florapple is turounded on almost all sides by trees.
With the sole exception being across the lake where you came in.
Upon entering the first thing you see is... a bug person! Before you even have time to pause Bar goes
"Hey Tim."
"Hey Bar."

And you're back on your way.
You see another dog woman, this time an akita inu. She looks very much like the shiba girl you met before. Are they sisters?

"Room" 18

You pass a bunch of carpenters waking yo for the morning.
A farmers market.
A well loved park, complete with bench to feed the pigeons.
A large sprawling library with stained glass windows. The village has some shockingly lovely buildings for a place so small. In retrospect, to be expected from a place with so many carpeters.

"Room" 19

A bird swoops down singing it's morning song. A fich you think, but you were barely able to see it before it flew away.
You head to a rickety old bridge leading across the lake. It seems safe, Bar isb't scared of it and he's 2 and a half times your size.
You pick up Trapple who's absolutely petrified over the crashing waves beneath your feet.
As you come to the other side sprawling rose bushes, orchids, lilies, dafodils, all line the stone path, meticulously upkept.

"Room" 19.5

You pass another dog woman, a rotweiler, sitting on a park bench.
She's leafing through a book, legs crossed.
She appears stern but at peace, creating a casual atmosphere just by being around her.
The akita girl from before runs up to her holding a basket of newly bought pastries. The rotweiler girl looks absolutely delighted to see her. They both sit n the bench as the rotweiler puts her book away and they both enjoy their blueberry cornets. One takes a bite out of the other's food, the other wipes some cream off her cheek and eats it with a laugh.

"Room" 20

This is the second man with a skull face you've met! This time it's a normal human skull floating above two human shoulders.
The man's also a carpenter, you can see from his tool box.
He's collecting wood from the nearby lumber yard. Her makes a gesture at you and your group which Bar returns with the middle finger. Both of them smile after and Bar's in a particularily good mood.
At lat you reach the coffee shop. It's about the size as a small house with two stories, one for living im. The brown walls are covered in lush foliage with even more flowers scattered throughout. Humming birds flit around and drink from the buds.
Upon entering you're greeted with a loud "welcome!" by a woman with feathery hair tied into a high ponytail. Her voice is like a bird song.
"What would you like?" She continues with a smile.

Drinks and Food


Bar orders and recieves:
A cup of hot chicolate in a reindeer mug, which he takes great amusmesnt in, for his snack roast partriage that looks straight out of an anime movie.


You order something for you doggee, a cup of a liquid that looks like liquid sunlight and a large plate of more partriage and venison. Bar looks mildly offended.


In front of you is places a tall glass filled with a blue tinted iced mocha latte, the drink shimmers like stars through the cracks on the ice. Your meal is a small cake in the shape of a rose, the golded accent on it's petals shine in the sun coming through the nearby window.

You watch the barista restock the cake display as you take a bite.

The food is delicious.