AUTHOR'S NOTE: scrap this it's bad.

September 13th, 1998
I started my page today! mommy helped me get make it fancy and watched me put whatever i want on the page. mommy says i should talked about my congration of my chuch i go to on sunday. every sunday i go to children of new lord church. we have comunyun every other sunday. when i come home i watch more preechers on my tv with my mom and sometimes dad.

dad usually spends all his time at the church helping. i hope you are interested and this is good! bless.

September 24th, 1998
i added some pretty pictures i liked and tried to show mom but she told me she was buisy. she didn't look again but i say other peopls sites talking about things and wante dto talk about them too. I changed my page and added pokemon. mommy doenst like pokemon and says liking it will make me go to hell. I don't get it its just about cute animals. i really like pikachoo i think it's cute. pikacho reminds me of a hamster my frind jennifer used to have named peanuts. i loved peanut but peanut died last year in a fire. thats all for now.

September 26th, 1998
moomy say my page and got really mad i liked pokemon. she grounded me in the lcoset again and told me to change it. i dont want to. i figured out how to change the name of my page tho in a chat (thank you coolgirl82!!!!) so now she thinks i got rid of it L.O.L (laughing out loud). i dont care if i get in trouble anymore i want to talk about sailro moon and pokemon and wanted to for a while. i only go on the computer when mommy's not home anyway. mommy's car just pulled in i have to go! see you! god looks after you.

September 27th, 1998
I told mom and dad i deleted my page. i thought about saying i didnt want to be bad but said that i did it of acidant. daddy was disaponted i couldn't spread the word but mommy said it was for the best bcus i was getting curupted by the web already. she said i would end up like jennifer if i kept going on pokemon sites and talking in chatrooms and said it was a mistake. I think mommy's kind of mean. mommy and daddy said it was my fault i was looking at things they dont like but i think they should have checked first if its bad. they wont tell me why its bad though. i feel very sad they dont like it here and so soon.